Kerala: How GPS led two physicians to their deaths in Ernakulam

Kerala: How GPS led two physicians to their deaths in Ernakulam

At the time of the accident, the deceased, both doctors, were returning from a birthday party with three other friends, all of whom worked in healthcare.

Two men were killed when their automobile crashed into a river in Kerala’s Ernakulam district early Sunday morning, according to authorities.

According to the cops, the vehicle arrived in the location after following Google Maps directions.

The event occurred on Sunday at 12.30 a.m. near Gothuruth. They were driving back to Kodungallur and were apparently using Google Maps for directions. “They drove on, mistaking the river for a flooded road, and the car fell into the Periyar river,” said an officer at the Vadakkekara police station.

The officer stated that visibility was quite low at the time due to severe rains, and that there were no barricades or signboards designating the river.

Locals raced to the scene to assist in the rescue of the car’s occupants and notified the fire department and police. Officers claimed three of the passengers were rescued alive by locals and fire and rescue workers.

Officers claimed they were brought to the nearest hospital and then released after receiving basic assistance.

The doctors who died worked in the emergency department of the AR Super Speciality Hospital in Kodungallur. Police opened an investigation and held an inquest under Section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC).

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