Micronutrients role in promoting mental wellness

Micronutrients role in promoting mental wellness

Mental health is a condition of mental wellness that enables people to manage life’s stressors, develop their potential, study and work effectively, and give back to their communities. According to the World Health Organization’s World Mental Health Report, which was released in June 2022, 15% of working-age adults who suffered a mental condition in 2019 were among the one billion people worldwide who had a mental disorder.

The global prevalence of anxiety and sadness surged by a startling 25% in the first year of the epidemic. Experts have stressed the importance of making lifestyle changes in addition to obtaining professional assistance to address the massive health crises in the mental, cognitive, and emotional domains.

There are many suggestions for enhancing mental health, from advising people to cut back on excessive device use to recommending hobbies like yoga and meditation to assist one’s mind become more stable.

The function of micronutrients in maintaining and enhancing mental health, however, is a frequently ignored connection to mental health. Research has repeatedly demonstrated connections between diet quality and probable nutritional deficiencies as well as mental health.

There is evidence that nutrient-based medications could help in the treatment of mental illnesses in both individuals and populations. Numerous nutrients, including Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins (especially folate and B12), choline, iron, zinc, magnesium, S-adenosyl methionine (SAMe), vitamin D, and amino acids have been linked in studies to brain function.

Dr. Vivek Srivastav, Senior Vice President, Zeon Lifesciences, proposed five micronutrients one must be sure to acquire enough of as part of their entire journey towards improved mental health in a talk with HT Lifestyle.

1. The vitamin D

Depression has been connected to abnormalities in the central nervous system, which vitamin D is thought to control. Supplementing with vitamin D may help depression sufferers feel better. One in twenty Indians, according to the National Mental Health Survey 2015–16, suffers from depression. After COVID-19, this figure most certainly rose dramatically.

2. The vitamin c

The benefits of vitamin C for the body and the brain are both considerable. Lack of vitamin C can cause the brain’s important neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin to drop. The symptoms of anxiety, sadness, and bipolar illness can be reduced or eliminated with the addition of vitamin C to your diet.

B vitamin

B vitamins are well known for their ability to affect mood. The effects of a B12 shortage can include fatigue and memory loss. Depression may be associated with low levels of vitamin B12 and other B vitamins including folate and vitamin B6. B vitamin supplementation may enhance the smallest aspects of mental health and have a favourable impact on cognitive performance.

4. Zinc

In addition to strengthening the immune system, zinc has a significant effect on how our brains and emotions work. Few individuals are aware of zinc’s critical role in maintaining the integrity of brain cell membranes and neurotransmission. Zinc deficiency can lead to emotional instability and difficulty handling stress. It has been linked to a number of emotional and mental disorders, such as attention deficit disorder, insomnia,

This vitamin is necessary to maintain cognitive function and stop brain ageing. It is one among the nutrients deemed crucial for children’s brain development. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids may also affect a person’s behaviour, demeanour, and level of attention. Omega-3 fatty acids have long been recognised for their positive effects on heart health, but recent research suggests that they may also be effective in treating mood disorders like bipolar disorder, severe depression, and postpartum depression. According to research, omega-3 fatty acids can treat schizophrenia and mild to severe depression.

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