Dev Anand’s 100th birthday special: The best songs from his filmography

Dev Anand’s 100th birthday special: The best songs from his filmography

As we commemorate Dev Anand’s 100th birthday, we present some of his most popular songs that can add musical soul to every mood.

Dev Anand, born in Gurdaspur, Punjab in 1923, led a life filled with honors, adventures, and experimentation. Over the course of his seven-decade career, he appeared in hundreds of songs. Even after all these years, many of them remain the ideal musical companions for various stages of human life.

On the occasion of his 100th birthday on Tuesday, we present some of his most popular tunes that may lend musical soul to any mood:

Do you want to tease your lover because you’re feeling flirtatious? Offering your heart to them with Chudi Nahi Yeh Mera or seeking their affection with Pal Bhar Ke Liye, Dev Anand songs provide a range of options.

Early courtship involves promises and banter.
Is it the honeymoon phase of your relationship that you want for some music? Dev Anand songs cover everything from claiming a century-old love (Sau Saal Pehle) to declaring a lifelong commitment (Tujhe Jeevan Ki Dor Se) to establishing a love-filled place (Asman Ke Neeche) to urging your spouse to stay back (Abhi Na Jao Chor Kar).

Sadness/ Melodrama
You have the option of being a Dukhi Mann Mere or being completely hopeless in relationships with Wahan Kaun Hai Tera.

Patriotism is becoming a more frequent sentiment these days. Taqat Watan Ki Humse Hai will help you increase your affection for and contributions to the nation.

Mai Zindagi Ka Saath (Main Zindagi Ka Saath) Nibhata is an emotion that defines a school of philosophy across all stages of life.

Mr. Dev Anand
Dev Anand has appeared in a number of successful films, including Jewel Thief, Guide, Taxi Driver, and CID. He demonstrated his versatility in films such as Jaal, Dushman, Kalabazaar, and Bombay Ka Babu. Hare Rama Hare Krishna, directed by him in 1971, remains one of his most memorable pictures. Dev Anand, as he was affectionately known, was genuinely an everlasting star. When he died, his latest project, Chargesheet, was about to be released, and he was developing an extension of his cult hit Hare Rama Hare Krishna.

Dev Anand and honors
His contributions to cinema earned him numerous honors, including a National Film Award for Guide. In 2002, he was also awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for his extraordinary contribution to Indian film. In 2001, he was also awarded the Padma Bhushan.

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