Indian artists are ecstatic about Ronan Keating and Westlife’s November tour to India

Indian artists are ecstatic about Ronan Keating and Westlife’s November tour to India

Unquestionably, India has grown to be a favorite travel destination for both worldwide superstars and new-age performers. While Stewart Copeland, the renowned drummer of the famed American band Police, visited India this month, two groups that maybe every child of the 1990s grew up listening to—Ronan Keating and Westlife—will be performing in the coming months.

The four-piece Irish boyband Westlife, which consists of Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, Kian Egan, and Nicky Byrne, will go to India for the first time. The Flying Without Wings hitmakers will play in three cities as part of The Wild Dreams tour, which is produced and sponsored by BookMyShow: Mumbai (November 24), Bengaluru (November 25), and Delhi (November 26).

Keating, on the other hand, will go to India again after a 17-year absence. As a member of the renowned Irish boyband Boyzone, the Irish pop artist will perform in Mumbai (November 17), Bengaluru (November 18), and Shillong (November 19). In 2006, the When You Say Nothing At All had their last performance in India.

Indian musicians are anticipating their arrival in the following ways:

Dr. Palash Sen

Boyzone was one of my favorite bands. Ronan sings well. In 2006, when my band Euphoria played at the MTV Immies, Ronan joined us onstage. By that time, he had already left alone. We spoke in depth backstage. The arrival of so many foreign artists in India is encouraging.

Aditi Singh Sharma 

“Over the years, I have listened to both Boyzone and Westlife’s songs. I grew up listening to 90s western pop since I spent five years living in Moscow, Russia. Most of their tunes are still fresh in my memory. I’m really glad that everyone will be able to listen to their songs again since they will be playing in India.

Noorani Ehsaan

“They write fantastic songs. I like Rollercoaster and Nothing At All by Ronan. Given that these men are experienced entertainers, Mumbai will appreciate the gig.

Shruti Pathak

“It’s very wonderful to learn that these bands from the 1990s are now playing in India! It’s quite sentimental. We grew up listening to their songs, so seeing them perform live in November will no doubt be enjoyable.

Kakar, Akriti

“This has me so pumped! It’s probably the finest method to bring back fond memories of school. I used to get 500 yen as pocket money and would use that money to save up to purchase their audio tapes. I used to read the lyrics from the inlay card, memorize them, and sing along while matching the accent. Back then, I believe I knew the majority of Boyzone’s songs. I’m really anticipating going to the concerts.

Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta is the Content Writer and Founder of karekaise.in, A blogging website that helps reader by providing News, Article on Educational topics in both language Hindi And English. He is from Anuppur district, Madhya Pradesh, India.

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