Jawan Tamil and Telugu programs ‘hardly garnering any return’ against operational costs, earning as little as ₹11K each episode

Jawan Tamil and Telugu programs ‘hardly garnering any return’ against operational costs, earning as little as ₹11K each episode

Jawan box office: Shah Rukh Khan’s movie is performing well in Hindi theaters, but Telugu and Tamil versions aren’t getting the best reviews.

Despite Jawan’s success in North India and elsewhere, the situation in South India is quite different. According to current reports, despite having Tamil and Telugu versions, the movie is not breaking any records.
Shah Rukh Khan’s masks from the recently released film Jawan are worn by fans.

Response to dubbed versions has been middling.

With its regional language dubs, the movie hasn’t been able to attract in sizable audiences, according to trade expert Manobala Vijaybalan. He said on Twitter, “Jawan Tamil & Telugu concerts are hardly making back their operating costs right now in India. They are only making thousands of dollars every concert from several theaters all throughout the country.

Manobala said in a post on the amount raised, “Thursday Day 8 Tracked indicates Tamil Shows: 1007 Total Revenue: $1.43 Cr; Average Revenue per Show: $14,300. Telugu Shows: 847 Gross; 0.96 C per Show; 11,334 in total.

Jawan, a film starring Shah Rukh Khan and starring Vijay Sethupathi and Nayanthara in supporting parts, was advertised as being an all-India film. It is directed by Tamil director Atlee, however it is produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s production company Red Chillies Entertainment. Tamil and Telugu versions of several songs from the movie, including Zinda Banda, were also made available. Additionally, certain sequences were reshot using different actors for various versions.

Company thus far

According to trade expert Taran Adarsh, the movie has made 347 crore in total in Hindi. The combined earnings of the Tamil and Telugu versions are 43.35 crore. On Friday, September 15, the movie will surpass the 400 crore mark. It is almost to the 700 crore threshold globally.

Shah Rukh plays the roles of Vikram Rathore and his son Azad in the Tamil film Atlee’s direction. Through its plot, the film explores a number of social and political topics. Deepika Padukone makes a special appearance as well.

This week, the movie broke the record for the quickest Hindi film to earn 500 crores worldwide. The film reached this desired milestone in only four days. Red Chillies Entertainment announced the news on Instagram to commemorate this incredible accomplishment.


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