Jennifer Lawrence appears to have had fillers in new photos, according to fans: ‘I’m not thrilled with it.

Jennifer Lawrence appears to have had fillers in new photos, according to fans: ‘I’m not thrilled with it.

Some people on the internet believe Jennifer Lawrence had surgery after photos of her from a recent event surfaced online.

Jennifer Lawrence attended the Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2024 womenswear show in Paris on Tuesday. Several photos of the actor have been shared on social media. Some people have reacted to claims that she underwent Botox or plastic surgery.

Jennifer Lawrence wore to a fashion show

Jennifer wore a white shirt and black trousers to the event. She completed her look with a belt and gold hoop earrings. However, it was her expression that got the internet buzzing.

What the internet had to say about her

A person wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) in response to a picture of Jennifer at the event, “We need to start citizen arresting these plastic surgeons.” “Something looks off,” read one tweet. And I’m not excited about it. Because she didn’t require any sort of plastic surgery.” Someone else said, “Please Jennifer, don’t ruin yourself with Botox.”

Fans rally to her defense.


Others claimed that it was the makeup or that her face was simply swollen, and that she had no surgery. “Her face just looks swollen,” one fan commented. This is not a surgical or injectable procedure, in my opinion.” “Who said she had plastic surgery?” one commenter asked. Didn’t she just have a baby? It’s possible that she’s just carrying baby weight in these photos.”

“Got bit by a wasp coupled with seasonal allergies,” an X user wrote. “Is this AI?” one person inquired. “Her makeup artist and hairstylist need to be fired,” said one source. “Do you mean surgery?” “I keep thinking she’s wearing a different makeup style,” said another commenter.

Who was present at the show?

Aside from Jennifer, the event was attended by Charlize Theron, Robert Pattinson, Jenna Ortega, Joseph Quinn, and Rosalia, among others. Charlize chose a white shirt and a glittery gold skirt for the occasion. Jenna wore a navy blue blazer with a long pleated skirt. Alexa was dressed in a floral black bralet, sheer skirt, and jacket. Jisoo of BLACKPINK wore a black mini-dress. Anya was dressed in black shorts, a vinyl jacket, and high heels.

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