Selena Gomez tweets a cute vacation photo with her BFF Taylor Swift, saying “She’s a real badass.”

Selena Gomez tweets a cute vacation photo with her BFF Taylor Swift, saying “She’s a real badass.”

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez recently went on a beach vacation together, and they shared happy memories and pictures with their fans to show off their close connection.

Fans really love Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift’s tremendously solid connection. On a recent Saturday, the singer of Who Says uploaded two photographs on Instagram showing her and her best friend dining with a beautiful sea view in the backdrop at Swift’s Rhode Island home.

Swift can be seen in these pictures raising her arms out to take pictures from a higher perspective, highlighting the gorgeous blue sky and the ocean scene behind them. Gomez leans her chin on Swift’s shoulder in the first photo as they pose together, grinning and laughing.

Next, Selena makes a fun kissy face while Swift leans to the side and kisses Gomez’s cheek. Gomez highlighted the friendship between the two celebrities by captioning the picture with the first line of Doja Cat and Saweetie’s 2021 song, “Best Friend.”

A few days after their encounter at the MTV Video Music Awards, when Selena posted a sweet picture of herself and Swift on her Instagram Story, the couple was once again seen together. Gomez made a lighthearted remark about her expression, stating, “She looks amazing. I seem to be in pain. Typical.”

These two accomplished ladies have had a lot of success at award ceremonies. Gomez and Nigerian artist Rema received the prize for best afrobeats for their song Calm Down, while Swift won nine accolades overall, including the coveted video of the year for Anti-Hero.

Swift continuously jumped up and down, cheered, and kissed her best friend Gomez throughout the ceremony as she and Rema walked the stage to claim their trophy.

She just shared an Instagram Story with snippets from the music video for Gomez’s most recent single, Single Soon, along with a passionate statement expressing how much she loves the song.

They always share their songs with each other before making it available to the whole audience, Gomez said earlier this month. She spoke about performing Lose You to Love Me for Swift to show off Taylor’s friendship and support.

They also discussed their shared past, with Gomez remembering the first time Taylor played her song Love Story for her in a hotel room and expressing her nostalgia and sense of growing up with her closest friend.

Taylor is getting in touch with her inner self by spending time with loved ones and taking time off from her hectic schedule as a celebrity. She is scheduled to start the Eras Tour around March 17th.

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