How to buy or sell stocks in zerodha

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Saurabh Gupta
नई तकनीक का आविष्कार, गैजेट्स, उपभोक्ता प्रौद्योगिकी और सॉफ्टवेयर के लिए आपका स्रोत. कंप्यूटर, स्मार्टफोन, इलेक्ट्रॉनिक गैजेट्स और इंटरनेट सामग्री पर नवीनतम रुझानों के लिए हमारी वेबसाइट देखें!

Now some updates have also been done in the Zerodha, some new options have come,
App’s interface has also changed, so I thought this is the appropriate time to write this article.If you have not opened a Demat account, trading account yet then you can open it..
When you open your Demat, trading account, then the natural question comes after that,How to buy or sell stocks in zerodha?

So in this article, we are going to see a proper demo,How the Kite app of Zerodha operates. through the Kite app, you can trade from mobile.Similar all these options are also available on the desktop.So now we will see the full demo of the Kite app.
This article may be a bit long because here I will try to cover all the options.
So you watch this article till the last so that you can understand well all the options.

How to buy shares in zerodha

 To download kite app by zerodha

Friends,  First of all, you go to the Play Store, type Kite, which is the app of Zerodha for trading. So when we type here, see here Kite app by Zerodha has appeared.
I will click on this. I have already installed it.So we open it, after opening it, you have to enter the ID and password you get from Zerodha. along with you have to enter a Pin, that you will generate, now I will enter it here.

to download kite app by zerodha

Details of 5 watchlist/option 

So here, the first option below is the watchlist.
So here you get 5 watchlist, Watchlist 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Here you can keep 50 shares or 50 indices in each watch list. So here, for example in watch list 1, I have kept so many stocks and some indices SENSEX, NIFTY, NIFTY NEXT 50, So here if you want to add any stock or index Then you can go to search and add.
For example, if we want to add SBI so see here SBIN and if we want to trade it on NSE then I will select SBIN of NSE, I will click on the plus,I will go back, now see SBIN is now added here.
So similarly you can make a watch list one where you can keep all indices.
You can keep your stocks in watch list 2. If you trade in F&O and Commodities
if you want to bifurcate, then you can do it this way. Here if you want to delete any stock from any watchlist then what you can do
For example, I want to delete Reliance I will click on Reliance and hold for a while
Now you see here the option to delete stocks has appeared. So I will delete Reliance.
I clicked on the delete button and it got deleted. after that, I will save my watch list.
And now Reliance has been deleted. Now any stock or index I want to add here, I can track them in my watch list.


Let’s see the second option, The second option is of orders. Here the first option is pending orders, if you have placed an order which has not been executed yet, they appear in the pending order. the executive order which has been executed. If you have purchased the shares that you wanted to purchase.
If the order has been executed, then it will be visible to you in the Executed list. After this, the third option is GTT which is GOOD TILL TRIGGERED. The GTT option is used when you buy stocks for delivery. That is if you are buying a stock for investment and if you want to hold it in the future, then there is also an option of GTT, GTT option is used when you do not want to buy the stocks immediately, I will tell you soon how to use it.

Let’s look at the third option. Here the first option is a portfolio and its first option is holding, Here are the stocks which are kept for the investment it will be visible to the current holding. If you have created a current position inside a stock, you will see it here
And let’s say if you want to sell it before the end of the day, then your current positions are visible to you here.

After that the fourth option is Apps, here you can see all the available apps of Zerodha. COIN BY ZERODHA, if you directly want to invest in mutual funds. VARSITY, Here you will get many tutorials of Zerodha, Small Cases, So you can check many more apps here.

In the final option, you will see your profile, this is used to add your funds. If you want to add funds, then you can go to the fund’s option, here you will click on the option of funds,
And here, you will enter your amount, suppose if you want to add ₹ 5000, then you will enter ₹ 5000, after that, you have three options available here, by using UPI, net banking, or Google pay. you can transfer from your bank account to your trading account

Trying to trade some trades

Now let’s go back and try to trade some shares. We will go back to our watch list. I will try to trade on HDFC Bank. So if I want to purchase or trade-in HDFC Bank stock then I will click on HDFC and it will show you different options. There is the option of sale and buy,
before clicking on it, we see the rest of the options.

Here marketing depth is the first thing we see the marketing depth shows how much liquidity is there inside that particular stock i.e. how much buying and selling is going on.
For any trader, two things are very important How is the liquidity within any stock
That is, whether the buying and selling are going well or not.The second is volatility, that is, what multiple ups and downs are taking place. So trader’s favorite stocks in which they want to trade they see how high the volatility is. let’s say in a single day there is more than 2% move in the stocks then such stocks are the trader’s favorite.The stock of HDFC may not be favorite because its fluctuation is only +0.52% today Because HDFC is a slightly stable stock, so here trading is not that favorable for traders. Still, many people trade.Here you will see that Market Depth is good. Here bid and offer are being placed in great quantity here. After that, you can check the rest of the fundamentals down. You can also check technicals. in the fundamentals, you will find many ratios. PE ratio, PB ratio, Sector PE, Sector PB, How much is the Dividend yield What has been the dividend of the sector?
So you can check all these things here. And after that here you can also check the technical.

 how to place order

Now we are not going to go into more detail but I am showing you how we can place our orders. So suppose we want to buy or sell orders here. Before that let’s look at the chart also. If you want to see the chart then you can click on the view chart option
And here you get different options. If you click here, you have got a Candlesticks chart.
you can see different types of charts here, if we go back, in the HDFC Bank, there is an option to Create GTT that is good Till triggered option, I will explain it very soon when we will talk about delivery. Now let us talk about Intraday first. If you buy and sell the stocks on the same day, it is called intraday trading. So if we want to buy a particular stock here,
then suppose you put one quantity to purchase a stock or let’s say I put two quantities here. So here you can put any number of quantities. Now carefully look at the CNC option It means cash and carries, cash and carry means delivery if you want to take delivery of stock i.e. if you want to hold any stock for more than 1 day, then you have to buy it in cash and carry And with this, we can hold stock for a long time for 5 years -10 years.You can invest it for as long as your investment horizon is. So you have to click on the option of CNC.


Right now we are talking about intraday, So we will click on the MIS option. MIS means margin intraday square off, which means you have to square off your position within the same day, If we click MIS option we will get different options, first is a market order,
market order means you will get that stock at its current price
You cannot change the price in the market order, so here it is showing only 0.0
but you will get it at the current market price. The second option is a limit order,
here you can change the price, you can decide that at what price you would like to buy it here.Here the is 1232.75 If you think that I would like to buy it for Rs 1200 then you can put 1200 price here, if the price of 1200 hits then your order will be executed.
So right now I will select a market order if we want to buy it.
Apart from this, I will tell you the rest of the options.

 Stop-loss option

SL means a stop-loss limit order.This means that if you want to curtail your loss if you want to keep your loss limited, then stop loss becomes very important, any trader needs to put stop loss.That is, suppose you put a stop loss of Rs 1200 hereSo that whenever the price goes below 1200, then my order will be executed and sold off above 1200 .
If you have already bought some shares, suppose you had placed an order to buy, after that, you also place a stop-loss order along with it. Let’s say you buy HDFC stock at 1232
But by chance if there is a huge fall in a single day and if the price goes below 1200
then all your stocks will be sold at the price of 1200 and your loss of ₹ 32 per share will be booked but your loss will be limited to a minimum That’s why any trader needs to put a stop loss.After this, the next option is to stop loss market order. In stop-loss market order you can set the trigger price. Here let say if we set the trigger price at Rs.1222,
So Rs 1222 means that as soon as this trigger price is hit, whatever price you get in its plus or minus. In that amount, your shares will be sell-off So let’s say below 1222, at 1221.5 your all shares could sell. If there is a buyer then all the shares could sell at 1221.5
And this may also be possible that as soon as the trigger price is hit. The market suddenly goes a little bit up, let’s say 1223 or 1224 Then also your position will be squared off
Because your trigger price was hit, so whatever nearest market rate will be At that, your position will be squared off So these were the main types of orders.

After this let’s see some advanced types of orders,Till now we were talking about the regular price Other than this you can also put bracket order or cover order
What bracket order is if when you want to trade under a certain range or bracket
Then you can use bracket order Meaning you can put a target price, As soon as the price goes up to that, then all shares will be sold off And your profit will be booked With this, you can also put a stop-loss.If the price goes down then your loss will be booked
So if you want to trade under a bracket, then you can use a bracket order And in this, you have to put stop-loss. You have to put stop loss in the amount. That is how much amount you can bear in your stop loss Let’s say I will put here Rs 15 stop loss Whatever the market rate is if it goes down by 15 rupees Then stop loss will be hit And your order will be executed and whatever your loss for the 15 rupees will be booked Along with this, you have to put the target And target too in quantity,That how much the target of your profit is Let’s say if I want a profit of Rs 50, and if it goes over that then I will book my profit and exit
And along with this, you can also put a trailing stop loss.

 Trailing stop loss

What trailing stop loss means is Please understand this carefully Assume that I will put a trailing stop loss of Rs 1 here Right now the price is 1232 Rs. The target price I had put is Rs 50 above So my target price would be 1282 Rs If this goes from 1232 to let’s say 1233
Then my stop loss will also move up,If I subtract 15 from 1232, then my stop-loss price was Rs 1217 And it will move up by Rs 1 So that my new stop loss price will be 1218 Rs
If the price moves by 1 Rs in this manner Then my stop loss will also move up by 1 Rs.
This is what we call trailing stop loss But if the price goes down then our stop loss will not come down Assume my revised stop loss was 1220 Rs gradually Then finally my price will be 1220 Rs itself But if the price keeps going up.The difference of 15 Rs should be maintained, If the difference is above 15 Rs then again it will increase by 1 Rs,
If the difference decreased let’s say 14 or 13 Then the price of the stop loss will not come down And here you have set the stop loss and target After this, you can also set your price
Like in how much you want to purchase it. So this was your bracket order So basically if you want to trade under a bracket. You can set loss and target under that Then you can use bracket order.

Cover order(CO)

The third option that we have is the cover order. The one which we call CO,Cover order means that you will get more leverage here, That means here, you have to compulsorily set the stop loss So why do you have to set stop loss compulsorily? Because the company is giving you more leverage Meaning Zerodha is giving you more leverage That means with less margin you can trade more So obviously they would want that your risk should be minimal That is why you have to put stop loss trigger here So let’s say in place of 1232, you will put the stop loss trigger at 1225 And if you have put stop loss here then you will also get range here. The difference should not be more than 1.5% Between the stop loss and the current price at which you are buying.There should not be more than a 1.5% difference So cover order means that you are covering your loss And in this also you can set your price In which you want to purchase As soon as the price is hit, the stock will be purchased.

After Market Order(AMO)

See here is our fourth option is coming After Market Order, which we call AMO in short After market order means assume if you could not trade till 3.30 pmAnd you want to purchase for the next day Then you can use aftermarket orderYou can place your order from 3:45 pm to 8:59 the next day And here you can decide your price Let’s assume that I want to buy at for Rupees 1220 And the next day if the price is set to Rupees 1220 Then my shares will be purchased automatically.

Day Validity

Let’s go, other than this, let’s go down to the next options, First is validity-day validity, Day validity means whatever you have ordered will be valid for that entire day Like if your limit price is reached, then your order will be executed Whether it is to buy or sell.

Immediate or Cancelled

The next option is IOC, which is called Immediate or Cancelled. If you have ordered 100 quantities Out of that, let’s say you get only 40 You are getting a seller for 40 quantities
And your order for 40 quantities is executed Then the rest 60 will be canceled automatically
Whatever order it is partially or fully which can be executed immediately Will be executed ímmediately And the rest of the order will be canceled And finally, you can also see the option of disclosing the quantity. If you don’t want to disclose all the shares that you are purchasing Assume if you are buying 100 but you want only 50 to disclose Then you can type 50 here So in this way, you can place your orders in different ways When we are talking about intraday, then we can place it in a market order Let’s see the demo once
If I have put a market order for 2 quantities, then I will click on buy and will swipe right I think AMO has been put, I will make it regular order.

It is market order and we will swipe right See this, 2 stocks of HDFC Bank has been bought
Now I can go to order and check See these are executed orders and this has been completed 1233.80 is my pricing The order has been executed on that.This is showing my position under the portfolio Total P&L is -2.70 HDFC bank’s stock has been fallen a little bit
So here we have placed a buy order for intraday Assume that the 2 stocks I bought of the HDFC bank And if do not sell these under intraday till 3.30 pm Then my position will be squared off automatically whatever the final price will be What I will do now is the stocks that I had bought, I will sell them,If we go to sell, let’s say I have bought 2 stockAnd here I am selecting the MIS option.Right now I am incurring a loss, I will book that loss and place the sell order, I have placed the sell order already Now we will go back to our orders
See there are two orders of buy and two orders of sell And at the end of the day, whatever my profit or loss will be, it will get booked So this was about the intraday.


Now we will talk about delivery Assume that I want to purchase the stocks of HDFC Bank
For 2 to 5 years, I want to hold that So, in that case, I have to go to the stocks of HDFC bank Let’s say I will select the buy option I want to purchase it for the long term then I will go to the CNC option CNC means Cash And Carry And here if we want to take delivery for the longer period, That is if we want to hold the stock for more than 1 day Then I will go to the cash and carry option And here too I can place the rest of the orders Whether it is a market order, limit order, stop loss market order And if my placing limit order here and if my price limit is not reached Then I will not get this stock. if I want to purchase a stock definitely Then it would be best if I purchase it at market order Because it does not matter in the long term if you are getting a stock at 1 or 2 rupees up or down. If you want to hold that for 5 years then it will not matter much You may have put a limit order and it may not reach that price. The stock may keep on going up So if you want to ensure that you want to purchase stock Then you can purchase it on a market order.

Good Till Triggered (GTT)

Let’s go and understand our last option I.e. GTT See I have clicked on HDFC Bank
And “Create GTT” order is coming, GTT means Good Till Triggered Now you use this option let’s say when you are not able to track the market properly And you think that at today’s date the stock of HDFC is going high I want to enter the position But I don’t want to do it now I will wait now Let’s say you think 1100 price is good Then you can put the price 1100 here When the price of Rs 1100 will be hit in coming 4 or 5 months Then your order will be executed immediately So now how it is done let’s see that also Let us assume that you select to buy in type order because you want To purchase now You can also place a sell order. If you place a sell order then assume you have some shares of HDFC bank in your Demat account, Then you can place their sell order Whatever quantity you have, you can place their sell order As soon as the price reaches the shares will be sold at that price
Right now we will talk about buy order Let’s say we have placed a buy order
We have selected single under the trigger type. I will soon discuss OCO also Firstly we will set the trigger price We can see 1286.6 Let’s put 1100 as a trigger price Whenever the price of 1100 will come, my order will be triggered That means my order will be activated
And with that, I will set a limit And put the price and quantity here Trigger means your order will be activated not executed. The final price that you have to put is here
Let’s say 1090, so at Rs. 1090 your final price should be executed, It is triggered on Rs. 1100 And if the price of 1090 comes on HDFC, then your order will be executed
By chance, if the price of 1100 is triggered and it did not drop to 1090.

In that case, your order will be canceled That is why it is called Good till triggered As soon as the price is triggered the order has activated that meansAfter that, you can select your quantity here Similarly, you can also put your percentage here Like if you think that if this stock comes 10% down,Then I will be able to purchase it So you can put your percentage here Similarly, you can put your percentage for selling also And you can also out your triggers price, The ways are the same. if you want to sell it is the same thing,
If you think you are ready to sell it at 1400 I have bought it today for 1250 and I have put the trigger price of 1400 And finally, the limit price that you have put is let’s say 1410
That it should be triggered on 1400 and it will be executed on 1410 So in this way, you can place your buy and sell orders in GTT So this was our single order where we are giving a fixed price or a target price.

One Cancelled the Order (OCO)

The second is OCO, the full form of OCO is One Cancels The Other If you want to sell the stock then you will get the option of OCO also Here you can put your stop loss extra. First, you have put your target price. The other is you can also put your stop loss, If the price goes down a particular amount then also your will be curtailed. In this case, your position will be squared off automatically We will put something in stop loss See here, we can also select percentage Here it is -5%, so I will select -5% You can put your price and your quantity here See this triggered price – 10% means it is 1164 Let’s say I will put the price of stop-loss as 1160 After that, the target price that we have put was also put by us earlier
We had put the trigger price as 1400 and the limit price as 1410 So if 1400 is reached then your profit will be booked And if your price of 1160 is reached, then your loss will be booked So here you can limit your loss and book your profit as soon as your price is reached Other than this I will tell you a few things about GTT, Any GTT order is valid for one year You can place a maximum of 50 orders at once And if due to some reason the order does not execute, then it is canceled automatically Other than this case, there are also other cases due to which your GTT order can get canceled. For example, if there is some corporate action let’s say there is a stock split, If the dividend is declared, or some bonus is declared In these cases due to which there can be sudden movement in the stock 416 00:23:02,000 –> 00:23:04,000 So your GTT order can be canceled for that particular order Other orders for other stocks will not be canceled but
If there is a corporate action in a particular stock then its GTT order will be canceled
So I hope in this article types of orders of intraday and delivery both
You understood well.

What did you learn today

I hope you have liked my article on How to buy or sell stocks in zerodha. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about the future of stock market to the readers, so that they do not have to search any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write comments below for this.