How to buy shares without stockbroker

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Saurabh Gupta
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Investing in the stock market has become quite common in today’s time and hence many investors start investing by opening a demat account with a stockbroker, but have you thought that you can invest without a broker? Yes! This is possible, so let’s know how to buy shares without a stockbroker?


In today’s time, there are many companies in India and many of them are not listed in the stock market, but whether the company is in the stock market or not, you can still buy its shares? Has this confused you?I will Clear your dilemma and tell you how to buy shares without stockbroker?

Can I buy shares without a stockbroker?

In general, do you have any shares of any company? Companies which are listed on the stock exchange, you can invest in those companies with the help of stockbroker. But even without getting listed on the exchange, you can buy shares of some companies through Direct Purchase Plan (DSPP).

Now because here you do not have to invest in shares listed on the stock exchange, then you can buy shares without a stockbroker.

But what is this direct stock purchase plan and in what way you can use it to do share transactions, let’s know it closely.

What is Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP)?

Generally, investors buy shares through a stockbroker only. In this case, the broker acts as a middleman between the investor and the company. But Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP) is a program that enables investors to buy shares directly from that company without any broker’s intervention.

The Direct Stock Purchase Plan offers an alternative to the brokerage model. Which is usually taken by the broker at the time of buying and selling of shares. In Direct Stock Purchase Plan, you can invest directly in the company without paying any commission to the investor broker.

However, a Direct Stock Purchase Plan is an agreement between an investor and a company. Therefore, each company may have different requirements with regard to the purchase of shares, which needs a lot of attention from the investor.

Like the brokerage model, here too, investors initiate direct stock purchases by transferring money from their checking or savings accounts. In this, some minimum share value is fixed and the investor can buy only that number of shares.

Also, the price of each share is not equal to the market price, but is averaged over time. Once the shares are purchased, a certificate is issued to the administrator investor stating the number of shares purchased, dividends and other necessary information.

Transfers to Direct Stock Purchases are managed by separate agents, who are third party institutions such as banks and other institutions that record transactions, issue certificates and perform administrative duties.

Which company’s shares can you buy without a broker?

Now the way not all companies are listed in the stock market, similarly not all companies provide the facility of direct purchase plan. For which company’s shares a retail investor can buy without a broker, you should visit the Investor Relations page of the company’s website, where all the information related to investment is provided to you.

For institutional investors who buy shares in large quantities, direct stock purchases can be beneficial as companies can offer discounts compared to the traditional brokerage model.

Benefits of buying shares without a stockbroker

Now there are many benefits of buying shares with a broker, such as you are provided with the facility of demat account, as well as you are provided with share kharidne wala app so that you can provide information about the movement of your stock.

There are other advantages with this, but there are also some advantages of buying shares without a stockbroker or asking for a direct purchase plan, such as:

Coast Saving:

One of the biggest advantages of direct stock purchase for investors is the reduction in brokerage fees. Also, companies offer shares under DSPP at a discount price.

easy transaction:

Avoiding the brokerage model also makes the buying experience more simple, so if you are fully aware of the business of a company, you can easily buy shares in a few steps.

Promotes Strong Investor Relationship:

Direct stock purchase can also be beneficial for the company as it boosts its strong relationship with the investor. Since the shares are bought directly and the company can directly reach out to the investors to promote and share the information.

Prevents short selling:

Also, shares purchased through direct stock purchase cannot be shorted, which prevents short-selling and reduces price volatility.

Disadvantages of buying shares without a stockbroker

Now you all know that all types of transactions in the stock market are regulated by SEBI, so if you have any kind of fraud or fraud then you can get the payment of your invested amount in it, but DSPP There is no such regulation under the U.S. and hence there are several disadvantages of buying shares in this way, such as:

Other charges:

Although direct stock purchase eliminates brokerage fees, you may still have to pay individual initial fees to buy shares of each company in addition to other fees, such as account setup fees, transaction fees, and fees to sell. . So if you are an active trader, you can save brokerage by joining a discount broker instead of DSPP.

Limits trading options:

Direct stock purchase takes place between an investor and a company. While brokerages offer thousands of stock options, direct stock purchases limit the investor to one company’s stock and also reduce the investor’s trading options.

It is difficult to know the price of that share before buying a share with direct stock purchase as the prices are averages. This makes it difficult to time the market and makes it difficult for investors to sell their shares.


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