A man rescues a cat trapped in a drain pipe.

A man rescues a cat trapped in a drain pipe.

When the animal rescue crew realized the cat was caught in a drain pipe, they cut the pipe and successfully extracted the cat.

When a guy heard a kitten whimpering in a sewer pipe, he immediately called an animal rescue team. A video of the rescue has already gone popular on Instagram.

Consider being trapped within a drain pipe head first for many days. A very elderly guy who actually loves about animals heard the distress screams and notified us, which we couldn’t make out at first since the kitten had moved higher and concealed itself within, becoming trapped and unable to escape! She’s now secure, washed, fed, and inside for a day before being reunited with her mother, who has already been spayed!” stated Jd’s Animal Welfare Zone, who posted a video of the rescue.

The video begins with a cat trapped in a drain pipe. When humans realize an animal is trapped there, they promptly cut the pipe and carefully remove the animal.

This item was published on September 7th. It has been seen over 14 million times since it was uploaded. The sharing has also received a number of likes and comments.

What others are saying about this video:

“She said: thank God, I’m rescued,” one person said.

“Awesome work, you guys,” said another.

“Thank you for saving her,” said a third.

“God bless you and your work,” another said.

A fifth person remarked, “Thank you for your kindness.”

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