An ex-Google employee makes an impassioned appeal after being let go, claiming to be the family’s “sole provider.”

An ex-Google employee makes an impassioned appeal after being let go, claiming to be the family’s “sole provider.”

Numerous individuals have reached out to the ex-employee to offer words of support since she published the message.
An emotive appeal was posted on LinkedIn by Vanessa DeCollibus, a former Google employee who was impacted by the layoffs. She described her feelings after her layoff and how she must swiftly find a new job since she is the “sole provider of her tiny family.”
Above the entrance to the Google headquarters in London, a logo may be seen.(AFP)
I was impacted by Google’s layoffs today, and I am aware that I am only one of hundreds of other very bright people who have also been impacted by the employment market this year. As the only supporter of my little family, I need to be resilient and act swiftly since the clock is ticking. DeCollibus posted this on LinkedIn. (Read More: Google parent Alphabet fires ‘hundreds’ from worldwide recruiting staff.)

“I realize today’s economic environment has not been easy for so many,” she said. I loved my job at Google and all that came with it. I was quite excited and happy for the chance to work with the organization in 2021.
She describes how much she loved her profession and went above and above for it in the next few paragraphs. She also expresses her gratitude to Google for providing her the chance to work with them.
A short while ago, this post was shared. It has received more than 1,000 likes since it was uploaded. Many others expressed their opinions in the post’s comments area as well.

Here are some comments made in response to this post:
Someone said, “I can’t explain how sad I am as a fellow lone provider for a tiny family (myself, my crippled mom, and disabled sister). I feel like I’ve taken on some parental responsibilities now that I’m 28. I learned to utilize pressure cookers and air fryers to make meals for my mum following her accident, having never cooked anything when I was a relatively carefree 22-year-old college student. What it must have been like to work at Google is beyond my comprehension. I’ve applied around 18 times, but I’ve never gotten beyond the resume screening.
“I don’t know who you are and how you work, but that doesn’t matter. I give you all the support so that soon you will be the one hiring all of us who are in your same situation right now,” a second individual said. Soon, success!”

“While jobs come and go, Vanessa never changes. GOOD LUCK and take a moment to unwind. You’ll soon be preoccupied with work, so treat yourself while you still can to the things you didn’t have time for, wrote a third.

I’m very sorry you were affected, said a fourth. You seem to have made a tremendously positive contribution to the Google culture. I really hope you quickly discover something new.

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