At the pollution season, couples choose to have their pre-wedding photos taken in paid studios and distant locations

At the pollution season, couples choose to have their pre-wedding photos taken in paid studios and distant locations

Couples in Delhi-NCR are choosing expensive studios and out-of-town locations for their pre-wedding shoots because they are concerned about the pollution in the air. Photographers from Delhi discuss the types of shots they prefer.
Now that the shaadi season has arrived, couples are rushing to book venues and start planning their weddings. However, many hoping to document the enthusiasm leading up to a wedding have had their plans thwarted by Delhi-high NCR’s levels of smog. Photographers are having a difficult time focusing on picturesque backgrounds to get things started because of the thick layer of haze that has covered the city. Many couples are transferring their photo shoots outside of the city due to a lack of options.
Shreya Verma, an IT worker getting married next month, says she recently had her pre-wedding photo session in Shimla. The Delhi resident continues, “The greenery and beautiful views are what drew us here. There are also unique features like waterfalls and verdant hilltops that are absent from Delhi. I’m glad I picked this location, though, as the photos might not have come out good [if taken in Delhi] given the haze there.
For a fantastic pre-wedding photography, many couples like outdoor shoots or picture studios. (Image credit: Mani Sharma Photography)
Some couples are also considering using photo studios for their pre-wedding pictures in order to avoid using foggy backgrounds. Background wagerah ka problem nahin hota in paid picture studios in NCR, according to Lokesh Yadav, owner of a photographic studio on MG Road. These settings combine indoor and outdoor settings to offer the necessary atmosphere to the photographs that serve as lifelong memories.

Mani Sharma, who runs a studio in IP Extension, shares similar sentiments when he states, “Aajkal ke samay mein aap kahin bhi jao shoot ke liye, peeche wahi aa raha hai — pollution aur haze. If clients ask me if Delhi mein kahan shoot karein, I prefer to suggest paid locations rather than the open air. Humare paas jo bhi queries abhi aa rahi hain. Also,There are many permissions needed at heritage sites.
The expense of filming at historic locations is considerable. Sometimes, permits might cost up to $50,000. According to Gurugram-based photographer Yash Pahuja, top international locations include Dubai, the Maldives, and Bangkok. However, “Isse kam mein toh India ke bahar shoot karke aa sakte hain.” “Udaipur and Jaipur enjoy considerable popularity within India. Pahuja continues, “Log Rishikesh jaake bhi bore ho gaye hain.”

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