Bonnie Wright, a Harry Potter star, has welcomed a newborn boy and has shared a cute image and the child’s name.

Bonnie Wright, a Harry Potter star, has welcomed a newborn boy and has shared a cute image and the child’s name.

Bonnie Wright and Andrew Lococo welcomed their first child into the world at home. The Harry Potter star also shared a cute photo of the baby boy.

Bonnie Wright, well known for her portrayal as Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films, has given birth to a son, according to CNN. On Wednesday, Wright posted a photo of her newborn baby on Instagram, snuggled under a brown crocheted blanket and wearing an adorable striped hat.

“Say hello to Elio Ocean Wright Lococo, born at home on Tuesday, September 19th,” she captioned the image. We’re all in good health and spirits. Wright went on to claim that she and her husband, Andrew Lococo, are “so in love” with their new baby.

“So grateful for our birth team who have held our hands throughout and made the journey so joyous and expanding,” she said. “Birth is the most incredible experience!”

In her message, she specifically thanked doctors and midwives, writing, “Lastly thanks to Andrew my rock throughout birth quite literally as I squeezed onto you so tight and you never wavered.” Elio has the most gentle and loving father. “All right, hormonal emotional extra-long caption over!”

Wright was cast as the younger sister of Potter’s close friend Ron Weasley, played by Rupert Grint in the film franchise. She afterwards became Potter’s love interest.

According to CNN, Wright published her first book last year, “Go Gently: Actionable Steps to Nurture Yourself and the Planet.” The website describes the book as a “guide to positive change that we can all use to treat our home and ourselves gently, and do our part to help protect our beautiful planet.”

Wright’s YouTube channel features videos about preparing for the baby, such as “navigating newborn essentials” and “nesting,” in which she illustrates how she and her husband “have been trying as much as possible to get things for the baby that feel in line with our values.” She added that this has meant buying used and receiving hand-me-downs from friends.

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