Canadian officials denounce the SFJ video in which Hindus of Indian descent are asked to leave the country

Canadian officials denounce the SFJ video in which Hindus of Indian descent are asked to leave the country

Members of Hindu groups have written to Dominic LeBlanc, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, requesting protection for the country’s Hindu population in the face of threats from Khalistani extremists.

Canadian cabinet ministers slammed a video published by the pro-Khalistan organization Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) threatening Hindus of Indian descent and demanding them to leave Canada on Friday.

This development came two days after the separatist organization posted the video.

Dominic LeBlanc, Canada’s public safety minister, said that all Canadians need to feel secure in their neighborhoods.

“All Canadians deserve to feel safe in their neighborhoods.” The spread of an internet hate movie aimed towards Hindu Canadians goes against the ideals we hold dear as Canadians. Acts of hostility, hatred, intimidation, or inciting of fear have no place,” he said on his official X (previously Twitter) account.

His department issued a similar statement, calling the video “offensive and hateful.”

Harjit Sajjan, the minister of emergency preparation, echoed similar concerns to LeBlanc.

To Hindu Canadians and Indians of all backgrounds: Anyone who thinks you don’t deserve to be safe and welcomed in your own home does not exemplify the ideals of freedom and compassion that we cherish as Canadians. “Do not allow others to delegitimize or call into question your place in and love for Canada,” he said on his official X account.

However, the organization Canadian Hindus for Harmony demanded harsh punishment for those responsible for the film, urging the Canadian government to act quickly.

“Why aren’t you charging the perpetrator under hate crime?” the group questioned.

In a viral video, SFJ’s legal counsel Gurpatwant Pannun declared, “Indo-Hindu leave Canada; go to India.” You not only support India, but you also support the persecution of pro-Khalistan Sikhs’ speech and expression,” adding that they were also advocating violence by celebrating Nijjar’s killing.

He was alluding to the June 18 assassination of SFJ’s main figure, Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

In India, Pannun has been labeled as a terrorist.

Another Hindu organization, the Canadian Organization For Hindu Heritage Education, has also asked Canadians to sign an e-petition before the House of Commons to include the word “Hinduphobia” in the Human Rights Code’s dictionary of terminology to characterize “anti-Hindu” prejudice and discrimination.

The petition, e-4507, has received over 12,500 signatures so far, but the threshold for referral to the government is merely 500.

Since the video became viral, the number of signatures has risen from 9000 to over 12,500 in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the Hindu Community of Canada has asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to denounce the film.

We anticipate that the PM will not only respond, but will also assist to push some meaningful action. “As he has stated, this is a country of rule of law,” said organization member Manish Puri.

He also said that at least a dozen temples have been desecrated by pro-Khalistan elements since last summer, but no arrests have been made by Canadian law enforcement.

Puri also announced the establishment of a Hinduphobia incident reporting hotline.

“We encourage them to first report to local law enforcement agencies, but we understand there is a lot of anxiety and fear, so they are not coming forward if they are facing such hateful incidents,” he said.


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