Daniel Radcliffe pays tribute to Harry Potter co-star Michael Gambon, alias Dumbledore: ‘He was ridiculous, irreverent, and amusing.’

Daniel Radcliffe pays tribute to Harry Potter co-star Michael Gambon, alias Dumbledore: ‘He was ridiculous, irreverent, and amusing.’

Daniel Radcliffe stated that the absence of his late Harry Potter co-star Michael Gambon made the world “considerably less fun.” Michael died at the age of 82.

In the popular film series, Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter had a unique relationship with Michael Gambon’s Albus Dumbledore. Michael died at the age of 82, leaving the Harry Potter cast and crew, as well as millions of fans across the world, in mourning. Daniel told Variety that Michael was “silly, irreverent, and hilarious” on set, which is what he remembers most about him.

Daniel Radcliffe bids Michael Gambon farewell.

In a statement to Variety, Daniel said of his late co-star on the Harry Potter sets, “With the loss of Michael Gambon, the world just became considerably less fun.” Michael Gambon was one of the most brilliant, effortless actors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, but what I’ll remember most about him is how much joy he had doing his profession. He was irreverent, goofy, and entertaining.”

“He loved his job, but never seemed defined by it,” he stated of his other talents and work style. He was a fantastic storyteller and joke teller, and his propensity of blurring the lines between reality and fiction when speaking with journalists made him one of the most fascinating guys with whom you could ever desire to do a press junket.”

Daniel credited Michael with making their time in front of the green screen “more memorable and joyous” during the production of Harry Potter’s sixth film. He also mentioned how fortunate he felt to have the opportunity to work with Michael.

Michael’s death, according to Bonnie Wright
Bonnie Wright, who announced the birth of her first child earlier this week, also turned to Instagram hours later to commemorate Michael. In the film series, she is most recognized for playing Harry Potter’s love interest Ginny Weasley. “I was forever in awe of Michael’s presence and performance,” she wrote with a photo of him as Dumbledore. Between scenes, his deep naughty voice would reverberate across the Great Hall. He was Dumbledore in every way, a constant, warm, and guiding figure. Michael, may you rest in peace. I’m thinking of you and your family.”

Robbie Coltrane, better known as Hagrid, died less than a year ago at the age of 72, making him another of Harry Potter’s closest and most beloved on-screen companions.

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