Dong Valley: The minister for Nagaland releases an amazing video of the location of India’s first sunrise.

Dong Valley: The minister for Nagaland releases an amazing video of the location of “India’s first sunrise.”

When a minister from Nagaland published this video of Dong Valley, someone commented, “Beauty of the north-east is unmatched, be it nature or people.”
Temjen Imna Along, a minister for Nagaland, posted a stunning video highlighting the splendor of Arunachal Pradesh’s Dong Valley. The valley has the first dawn in India, which may influence your decision to make it your next holiday destination.
Dong Valley is shown in the photograph, which was taken from the video that Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along uploaded. (Screengrab)
The video was posted a day ago on X by Temjen Imna Along with the description “Google kar ke to dekho [Google it].” He also included an emoji of a face with raised eyebrows next to it.
The title of the video is “Dong Valley: India’s first sunrise.” Then an aerial image of a road cutting across hilly terrain is shown. You’ll be treated to lush, beautiful mountain valleys that are nothing short of stunning as the film goes on.
More than 1.8 lakh people have seen the video since it was uploaded. A few people even posted their ideas in the video’s comments area.

This is how viewers responded to the video:
A person said, “Ja ke dekho [Visit and see], the entire north-east is beautiful.”

One more person said, “Wow, lovely!”

“Lovely. Thanks for sharing,” a third person commented.

Another said, “Beautiful. I must go someday.”

A fifth said, “Northeast beauty is unsurpassed, whether it in nature or people.

One more wrote, “So beautiful.”
What do you think about this video?

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