Foreign investors were warned ‘don’t go to…’ by Prime Minister Modi at the Vibrant Gujarat celebration.

Foreign investors were warned ‘don’t go to…’ by Prime Minister Modi at the Vibrant Gujarat celebration.

According to PM Modi, central ministers used to avoid the Vibrant Gujarat summit. “Pata nahi peeche se danda chalta tha,” added PM Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recalled the 20-year journey of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit on Wednesday, saying the central government did not cooperate at the time. Instead, the central ministers refused to attend, and foreign investors were warned not to invest in Gujarat. “However, investors came despite the fact that there was no incentive for them.” They came only because of good governance, fair governance, equal distribution of growth, and transparent government,” Prime Minister Modi said, accusing the previous central government of viewing Gujarat’s progress through political prisms. “The central ministers used to tell me they’d definitely come.” Pata nahi danda chalta tha, vo mana kar dete the. “They never cooperated; instead, they created roadblocks,” Prime Minister Modi said.

“In 2009, everyone told me not to hold Vibrant Gujarat because there was a global slowdown.” But I declined. At worst, the summit would be a flop. “There should be no disruption in the practice,” Prime Minister Modi said. PM Modi stated that vibrant Gujarat was never limited to Gujarat, but that all states were invited, and that Gujarat was being developed with a national vision. “Gujarat has always been known as a trading state.” “However, in the twenty-first century, Gujarat became an agricultural, financial, industrial, and manufacturing hub while also strengthening its trade,” PM Modi said.

Narendra Modi, the state’s then-chief minister, founded Vibrant Gujarat, an investor summit, in 2003. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the business summit, which PM Modi inaugurated on Wednesday. The 10th edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, with the theme ‘Gateway to the Future,’ will be held in Gandhinagar from January 10 to 12, 2019.

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