India offered aircraft to Canadian PM justin trudeau but….

India offered aircraft to Canadian PM justin trudeau but….

For Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his entourage, the G20 Summit didn’t go as planned since a technical issue on Canada’s aircraft caused their return to be delayed by almost two days. According to reports, India gave the Justin Trudeau-led team its ‘Air India One’ aircraft, but the Canadian party opted to wait for the backup aircraft.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Canadian Prime Minister eventually took off from New Delhi after the mechanical problems with his official aircraft were fixed. On his way back, he was escorted to the airport by Union Minister Rajeev Chandrashekhar.

The Canadian delegation’s trip to India was far from easy since it coincided with a difficult period in relations between Canada and India as a result of Canada’s ambivalent and soft stance on anti-Indian activities throughout the country.

PM Modi voices grave worries
Prime Minister Modi raised serious concerns about anti-Indian actions in Canada during a private discussion with Justin Trudeau.

“We expressed to PM Modi our deep concern on the ongoing anti-Indian activities of extremist forces in Canada. They are threatening the Indian community in Canada and their places of worship, encouraging secessionism, provoking violence against Indian diplomats, and destroying diplomatic facilities. The connection between these groups and organized crime, drug cartels, and human trafficking ought to worry Canada as well. In order to combat such dangers, the two nations must work together, according to a news release from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Justin Trudeau adopted the stance of “foreign interference” despite not seeming to understand the gravity of the Indian leader’s comments. “I believe that while discussing the subject of the community, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the acts of a select few do not speak for the whole community or Canada. On the other hand, we also emphasized how crucial it is to obey the law, and we did discuss foreign involvement,” he stated.

Due to the combative exchanges, the visit of the Canadian prime minister to Delhi is also receiving criticism at home. According to Reuters and Bloomberg, Prime Minister Modi gave Trudeau a “scolding” and “criticism” during their conversation. As Canada’s opposition leader Pierre Poilievre put it, “partisanship aside, no one likes to see a Canadian prime minister repeatedly humiliated and trampled upon by the rest of the world.”

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