Over the course of five years, a Gurugram resident was defrauded of 71 lakh rupees through insurance fraud.

Over the course of five years, a Gurugram resident was defrauded of 71 lakh rupees through insurance fraud.

According to police, the accused fooled him by posing as various corporate and government representatives.

Police said on Thursday that a 35-year-old man was defrauded of 71 lakh over the course of five years by criminals posing as various corporate and government officials on three separate occasions.

According to authorities, the victim, who has not been identified, works as a top executive for a real estate firm in Sector 44.

According to police, suspects first approached him in May 2018 while posing as representatives from a foreign bank. They took his personal information while offering to provide him life insurance and even an emergency loan, according to authorities.

According to authorities, after he consented to take out the loan and insurance from them, the suspects urged him to submit money as various fees for loan disbursement.

“As a result, the victim was duped of 12 lakh between May and June of this year,” stated a senior police officer.

The investigator went on to say that the victim was approached again in June of the following year, but this time the suspects pretended to be insurance ombudsmen.

They informed him that the police had acquired documents from some arrested criminals in Delhi and Noida, and that he was one of many who had been duped in the guise of insurance, and that they were trying to assist victims. “However, they cheated him in the name of ‘income tax,’ ‘file charge,’ and other fees,” he added, adding that this carried on for a few months and cost the victim Rs 39 lakh.

“In September 2022, another group contacted the victim posing as officials of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and the Union Finance Ministry, claiming to be investigating his cheating case,” the officer stated.

Meanwhile, the complainant told police that he had no suspicions about the second and third incidents because they occurred months apart.

On Wednesday, a FIR was registered at Cybercrime police station (east) under Section 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code and Section 66D (cheating by personation utilizing communication device or computer resource) of the Information Technology Act after the victim called police in May.

Inspector Jasvir Singh, station house officer of the Cybercrime police station (east), stated that the case is being investigated and that efforts are being made to apprehend the suspects.

“Such insurance frauds primarily affect the elderly, and it takes time for the victim to realize that a fraud has occurred,” he stated. The SHO went on to say that the suspects could be from the same gang or from various gangs linked together. “Once they’re apprehended, everything will become clear,” he stated.

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