Sports minister Anurag Thakur on the BCCI vs. PCB Asia Cup and World Cup debate: India won’t listen to anyone

Sports minister Anurag Thakur on the BCCI vs. PCB Asia Cup and World Cup debate: India won’t listen to anyone

In response to the developments, Thakur claimed that India was in no position to pay attention to anyone. The ODI World Cup will be held in India, according to the Sports Minisiter, and all participating nations—including Pakistan—will be cordially invited.

The tournament will proceed as planned.Anurag Thakur, India’s Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, responded to the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) stern letter in reaction to BCCI Secretary Jay Shah’s declaration that India would not be visiting Pakistan for the Asia Cup there in 2023.

The PCB threatened to withdraw from hosting the ODI World Cup in India in 2019 and said that cricketing relations with India could suffer if the Asia Cup was moved to a neutral location.

The BCCI will make a statement because it is their issue. India is a global leader in sports, hosting numerous World Cups. Next year, India will host the ODI World Cup, in which all of the top teams from across the world will compete.

India is a force that cannot be ignored in any sport. India has made significant contributions to sports, especially cricket. Thus, the World Cup will be held the next year, and it will be a monumental and historic occasion. There are security worries in Pakistan, so the home minister will make a decision.

Not only cricket, either. During a ceremony for the Khelo India Youth Games announcement, Thakur declared, “India is not in a position to listen to anyone.

“The overall effect of such utterances have the potential to divide the Asian and international cricketing communities, and can have an impact on Pakistan’s visit to India for the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2023 and subsequent ICC Events in India in the 2024–2031 cycle,” the PCB had stated on Wednesday.

The ACC has not yet provided the PCB with any official communications or clarifications about the ACC President’s remarks. In order to tackle this crucial and delicate issue, the PCB has now asked the Asian Cricket Council to arrange an urgent meeting of its board as soon as is practically practicable.

The announcement came when Jay Shah, the BCCI secretary and president of the Asian Cricket Council, mentioned the Asia Cup for the next year. We have decided not to fly to Pakistan, as Shah has previously stated, and a neutral venue for the Asia Cup is not unique.

Strong criticism of the statement was levelled primarily at former Pakistani cricket players. To send a clear message, some of them even said Pakistan should cancel its participation in Sunday’s T20 World Cup match against India.

There are currently no bilateral cricket series between India and Pakistan. They only interact during ICC competitions and Asia Cups. The latest bilateral series between India and Pakistan was when Misbah-ul-team Haq’s visited India in 2012–13 to play three ODIs.

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