Tharoor accepts polling defeat Kharge will be the next Congress president

Tharoor accepts polling defeat Kharge will be the next Congress president

Kharge received 7,897 votes, Tharoor received around 1,000 votes, and 416 votes were disqualified.On Wednesday, Shashi Tharoor conceded Mallikarjun Kharge had won the Congress presidential election. Kharge received 7,897 votes, Tharoor received roughly 1,000, and 416 votes were disqualified. After the ballots had been counted, Tharoor’s counting agent Karti Chidambaram stated that Kharge had won the election and that the Kerala MP had received 1,072 votes.

There were 9,385 total votes cast, of which Shashi Tharoor received 1,072 votes and Mallikarjun Kharge received 7,897. 416 invalid votes At a news conference, Congress central election authority chairman Madhusudan Mistry announced, “I hereby certify Mallikarjun Kharge as the chosen president of Congress.”

In 24 years, Kharge will be the nation’s first non-Gandhi president.

“Being President of INCIndia is an enormous honour and duty, and I wish Kharge ji much success in that endeavour. It was an honour to have the support of more than a thousand colleagues and to represent the wishes and aspirations of so many Congress supporters across India, Tharoor tweeted.
I humbly accept the party delegates’ decision, which is final. Being a part of a party that lets its members elect the leader is an honour, Tharoor remarked.

“Our incoming president is a senior party member and colleague who has a wealth of leadership and expertise to offer. I am convinced that we can all work together to elevate the party under his direction,” Tharoor continued.

The party owes the outgoing president Sonia Gandhi a “irredeemable debt” for her quarter-century of party leadership and for serving as the compass in our most vital periods, according to Tharoor.
It is undeniably a fitting monument to her cunning and vision for our party that she chose to authorise this election method, which has opened up new avenues for the future. I hope she keeps directing, inspiring, and motivating the party’s new leadership team to overcome the upcoming obstacles. Talor remarked

Additionally, he congratulated Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and former president Rahul Gandhi for doing their part to encourage fair elections.

According to him, the Nehru-Gandhi family “has had, and will always hold, a special place in the hearts of Congress party members”—and for good cause.

At the conclusion of the party’s organisational elections, more than 9,500 delegates participated in the presidential vote.

After Diwali, in a ceremony at the Congress headquarters with the participation of prominent officials, the newly elected president will assume office.

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