Third day of Kokernag operations against Pak-LeT militants

Third day of Kokernag operations against Pak-LeT militants

Col. Manpreet Singh’s PSO is gone. There is a corpse nearby the hiding place, but it cannot be positively identified.

Despite the lack of retaliatory gunfire in response to the security forces’ targeting, counter-terrorist operations against jihadists of the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) have continued for a third day in the Gadole region of Kokernag in Valley.

Security personnel engaged in counterterrorism activities are seen in a file picture.
According to reliable reports, one of the terrorists is a native of Kokernag named Ujair, while the other one could be a citizen of Pakistan. In the Gadole forest, the two had set up camp amid fallen trees at a strategic height. The location of the meeting is steeply elevated and partially covered in vegetation.

Col. Manpreet Singh, the commanding officer of the 19 Rashtriya Rifles, Major Ashish Dhonchak, and DySP Humayun Bhat perished in jihadist gunfire on Wednesday, but the CO’s personal security officer is still missing, and it is unclear where he is. Although a corpse is said to be lying close to the hiding place, the security personnel are unable to determine if it belonged to the terrorist or the PSO of Col. Manpreet Singh.
Even while tales about the three policemen being tricked into an ambush by a source have been making the rounds in Kashmiri media, a senior JKP official has denied this claim and verified that the source was still involved in the operation. The truth is that the terrorist who caught them off guard by moving in close proximity to the CT agents shot all three cops with an AK-47 blast. Despite wearing helmets and bulletproof vests, all of the cops and PSO were struck by rapid AK fire in the exposed locations. The two other officers bled to death as a result of persistent gunfire and evacuation from the isolated region, while the valiant CO was unfortunate enough to be struck in the head.
No one among the valiant officers was tricked into an ambush or exposed for failing to follow SOPs. Sadly, one of the terrorists took up a position near to them as they approached the bunker. We will hold the terrorists responsible for the loss since this is an essential component of a CT operation, according to a top CT officer.

Senior CT sources affirm that security forces have ringed the region and are working to eliminate the terrorists who have holed up there, despite the fact that many armchair strategists are following Pakistani propaganda media and taking potshots at the security forces. In order to prevent more collateral damage to Indian security personnel, the operation is moving forward deliberately. The truth is that there are still around 50 foreign terrorists hiding in Jammu and Kashmir, and neither the Pakistani deep state nor the terrorist organizations they support have eased up, an official claimed. In a firefight, all three policemen perished, and people are working to get revenge.

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