Unable to get Apple iPhone 15, Delhi customer knocks up store clerk.

Unable to get Apple iPhone 15, Delhi customer knocks up store clerk.

A video of the brawl which took place on Friday, went viral on social media sites, and Delhi police have taken legal action against the consumers.

Apple’s latest iPhone 15 series hit the Indian markets on Friday, prompting a frenzy among purchasers. iPhone aficionados were seen waiting up outside the Apple Store in Mumbai, with a guy claiming he waited for 17 hours to get the smartphone. However, unpleasant situations were also reported as customers battled with some shop owners over alleged delay in the delivery of iPhones.In one such occasion, a struggle erupted between clients and the workers at a business in Delhi’s Kamla Nagar neighbourhood. The store personnel were assaulted for a supposed delay in the delivery of the iPhone 15.A 27-second video posted by news agency ANI showed a group of individuals beating a store staff. The other employees intervened to save their colleague and overcome the consumers. According to the story, the buyer was irate after the sales team allegedly refused to sell him an iPhone 15 model. The ANI report further claimed that the police have confirmed this viral footage and have commenced legal action against the customers involved in the brawl under CRPC 107/151. Hindustan Times could not independently authenticate the video.

The new series, consisting of four models (iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max), was unveiled on September 12 and was available for sale in retailers on Friday. It is for the first timeThe Apple iPhone 15 series comes with features like 48 MP camera, USB-C port and Super Retina XDR display which uses the OLED technology.

Social media sites were swamped with videos depicting never-ending lines of people, all anxiously anticipating becoming proud owners of the latest iPhone. Some films even documented disputes between customers and store workers.

The Apple stores in Mumbai’s BKC and Delhi’s Saket were overwhelmed with early purchasers, as throngs began to amass even before the stores officially opened.


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