Video of Farooq Abdullah asking a reporter about their future plans went viral; abhorrent: BJP

Video of Farooq Abdullah asking a reporter about their future plans went viral; abhorrent: BJP

Farooq Abdullah received criticism for his conversation with a reporter in a popular video. The BJP criticized the J&K leader’s query to the lady as being disrespectful and sexist.

On Friday, BJP leaders denounced National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah’s discussion with a reporter that was captured on tape in which the J&K politician enquired as to the journalist’s upcoming nuptials. Farooq Abdullah, a seasoned leader of the opposition coalition, was at his abhorrent best in the film, according to BJP’s Amit Malviya, who said it was an assault on the INDIA bloc.

In the viral video, Farooq Abdullah is speaking with a reporter.Perhaps his granddaughter’s age or younger is the reporter. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop him from asking awkward queries like “When will you get married?” Did you choose your spouse? Will your parents choose you or your husband? Why are your hands covered in this (Mehndi)? With the video, Amit Malviya tweeted. Farooq Abdullah jokedly questioned if the marriage would last or whether the bride would go away as the lady stated that the mehndi was in honor of her brother’s wedding.

The discussion, according to Shehzad Poonawalla, national spokesman for the BJP, was not just impolite but also fundamentally sexist and abhorrent. Poonawalla connected this to the INDIA bloc’s pledge to boycott a group of journalists and added, “But not surprising from an alliance that boycotts journalists who ask questions & treats them like this.”

A list of 14 television journalists that the INDIA bloc would not be covering was published on Thursday. Aditi Tyagi, Aman Chopra, Amish Devgan, Arnab Goswami, Ashok Shrivastav, Chitra Tripathi, Gaurav Sawant, Navika Kumar, Prachi Parashar, Rubika Liaquat, Shiv Aroor, Sudhir Chaudhary, and Sushant Sinha are on the list.

Will the Congress loudmouth pravaktas, in particular, justify this disgusting behavior with a young lady in full front of the public? They must at the very least avoid this notoriously rude womanizer, Poonawalla tweeted.
Farooq Abdullah paid a visit to DSP Humayun Bhat’s home on Thursday after he lost his life in the shooting in Anantnag on Wednesday. Farooq Abdullah commented on the deaths of the four bravehearts by saying, “I don’t see the end of this (encounters).” There are encounters every day in Kashmir, one of which we had today in Rajouri. Every day, the administration (Centre and J-K) declares that militancy in Kashmir has ended. Tell me now, has militancy ended.

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