Vistara uses Sita eWAS and Sita OptiClimb systems to optimize flight trajectories and save fuel.

Vistara uses Sita eWAS and Sita OptiClimb systems to optimize flight trajectories and save fuel.

PUNE: According to airline authorities, Vistara has been the first Indian airline to deploy both Sita eWAS and Sita OptiClimb systems. Vistara hopes to greatly enhance efficiency in flight planning and operations by lowering fuel usage and, as a result, carbon emissions by 15,000 tons per year.

Vistara will be able to improve overall flight safety and efficiency by providing pilots with enhanced weather awareness data using Sita eWAS. It is an extremely effective method of sending OptiClimb data.
Sita OptiClimb uses historical flight data to estimate fuel use during the climb out and is the industry’s only machine-learning system that optimizes the climb profile for each trip.

Vistara will be able to save approximately 80 tons of fuel per year per aircraft and cut carbon emissions by approximately 250 tons per year as a result of this. The yearly fuel savings for Vistara’s total fleet are anticipated to be more than 5,000 tons, resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions of more than 15,000 tons.
“India’s aviation industry is accelerating at lightning speed,” said Sumesh Patel, president, Asia Pacific, Sita. “We’re excited to help leading airlines like Vistara with solutions that supercharge their efficiency, significantly reduce fuel consumption, and support efforts toward more sustainable air travel.”

“A growing number of Indian airlines are looking for smart solutions to optimize operations and improve the passenger experience.”
“Continuous improvements in operational efficiency and safety remain key focus areas for us,” stated Captain Hamish Maxwell, Senior Vice President for Flight Operations at Vistara. Advanced technology solutions, such as Sita OptiClimb and Sita eWAS, enable noticeable improvements in these areas, thereby assisting us in lowering our carbon footprint.

We are determined to staying on this path and evolving as a world-class, future-ready airline.

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