Woman presents unexpected business class tickets to her parents. Dad promises to frame them.

Woman presents unexpected business class tickets to her parents. Dad promises to frame them.

A woman surprised her parents with business class tickets, and she recorded a video of their reactions on Instagram.

When parents receive gifts from their adult children, they typically experience a mixture of pride and love. When their daughter gave them business class tickets as a surprise, this couple most likely had the same feelings. This touching moment was captured in a video that has gone viral on social media. Ishpreet Kaur, an Instagram user, shared it.

Kaur is seen in the opening of the video asking her father to look at the ticket he is holding. He initially misses the lesson referenced on the ticket. But shortly after, he observes and asks, “Business class?” in a startled tone. He continues by saying that this is their first trip in that class.

The man continues returning to the ticket as he makes his way to the boarding gate. At one point, he turns to face his wife, Kaur’s mother, and declares, “Frame karana hai [we will get this framed].”

This is not the end of the video. They are then seen taking advantage of the various amenities offered in the business class. Despite the fact that Kaur’s mother remains silent for the whole of the video, it is obvious from her facial expressions how overwhelmed she was by the surprise.

With the video, Kaur added a thorough caption. “I do everything I can for these occasions! Since I’ve wanted to travel in business class for some time, I almost purchased my tickets as well, but I refrained because it didn’t feel right. “My parents flying before me or with me has always been something I’ve wanted to be really special,” she wrote.

“Therefore, it was the PERFECT time to do so while traveling to the US! It was the BEST decision ever that I changed them at the last minute, she continued.

She continued by describing how moved her parents were by the surprise in the subsequent few sentences. She quipped, “Also, he wasn’t just saying, I’m SURE he’s gonna get them framed.”

Four days ago, the video was posted online. The video has gained popularity since it was published. It has received close to 1.4 million views so far. Additionally, it has received a number of remarks from admirers.

“I adore how intently your father watches you from inside the aircraft. He feels blessed right now. For my parents, I want to do the same,” an Instagram user wrote. Ishpreet, this is just stunning. achieving this one day,” a third person commented. A third person said, “That sense of pride.” A fourth person wrote, “This is so precious!”

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