Due to radiation concerns Apple will upgrade the iPhone 12 in France

Due to radiation concerns Apple will upgrade the iPhone 12 in France

After authorities voiced worries about electromagnetic radiation emissions, Apple updated the iPhone 12 in France.
Following authorities’ worries over the electromagnetic radiation that the smartphones generate, Apple said on Friday that it will upgrade the iPhone 12 in France.
In a phone shop in Nantes, France, a guy poses with an Apple iPhone 12.(REUTERS)
The item was introduced in 2020, but France had requested a stop to sales on Tuesday after discovering that the model generated more electromagnetic radiation than was allowed.

The iPhone 12 will get an upgrade soon, according to Apple, according to a statement from France’s digital minister Jean-Noel Barrot to AFP.

The company and Barrot adamantly maintained that the radiation posed no threat to the general public’s health.

“This is related to a specific testing protocol used by French regulators and not a safety concern,” Apple said in a statement, adding that the gadget conformed with emissions regulations elsewhere in the globe.

“To support the protocol used by French regulators, we will release a software update for users in France.”
China issues
Two weeks were allotted to the US tech giant to provide an upgrade for its phone, which was nearing the end of its tenure as a primary Apple product.

The testing organization, the ANFR, would promptly review the update and determine whether to remove the sales prohibition, according to Barrot.

The World Health Organization notes that several studies in the area have been unable to identify any negative consequences of mobile phone usage on health.

Furthermore, such radiation has not been related to any particular diseases.

However, body temperature does rise when exposed to electromagnetic radiation at levels more than 40 watts per kilogram (W/kg).

The iPhone 12 exceeds the 4 W/kg limit set by European standards for such devices by 1.7 W/kg.
Apple has had a very difficult week.

The company’s statement that it will switch the newest generation of iPhones’ proprietary “lightning” charging connectors for conventional USB-C ports, as required by EU authorities, overshadowed the introduction of new devices.

Before taking a shot at the company, Chinese authorities refuted reports that they had outlawed the use of iPhones in government premises.

Officials were monitoring “many recent media reports exposing security incidents relating to Apple mobile phones,” said Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning.
Apple has had a very difficult week.



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