Americans released by iran call it freedom

Americans released by iran call it freedom

Washington, D.C.– After being released on Tuesday as part of a politically hazardous agreement that saw President Joe Biden agree to the release of roughly $6 billion in frozen Iranian assets, Americans who had been held in Iran for years hugged their loved ones inconsolably and said, “Freedom!”

Clapping and applause could be heard when the inmates touched down at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, in the early morning hours. The first person off the flight, Siamak Namazi, took a moment to close his eyes, take a big breath, and then he stepped outside. Family members hugged them and exchanged congratulations in English and Farsi, the primary language of Iran, some of whom were clutching miniature American flags.

Babak, Namazi’s brother, exclaimed, “The nightmare is finally over,” at the airport.
With his arm around his brother and their father, Baquer, who had previously been imprisoned by Iran, he continued, “We haven’t had this moment in over eight years.” “I can’t believe it.”
According to a family representative, Emad Sharghi, one of the other liberated Americans, got from his sister Neda a U.S. flag and a teddy animal that she had given to their father 30 years prior when he underwent bypass surgery.

The former inmates shouted “Freedom!” as they posed for a group selfie with their families after traveling on the Gulfstream 5 that carried WNBA star Brittney Griner back to the United States following her incarceration in Russia.

Biden received warm praise from the families of the Americans whose liberation he had successfully negotiated for, but he also faced criticism from Republican presidential hopefuls and other foes for the financial deal he had made with one of the United States’ most dangerous enemies.

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