Donald Trump is accused of betting against a veteran who lost a limb in an IED attack in Afghanistan.

Donald Trump is accused of betting against a veteran who lost a limb in an IED attack in Afghanistan.

After singing God Bless America while in office, former president Donald Trump allegedly made disparaging remarks about a wounded US Army veteran.

According to a recent allegation, former president Donald Trump allegedly made derogatory comments about a wounded US Army veteran after the soldier sang God Bless America while he was in office. At the 2019 Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall welcome event for Gen. Mark Milley, Donald made remarks regarding Army Captain Luis Avila, who suffered catastrophic injuries in Afghanistan. An IED attack had caused Luis to lose a leg.

Why do you bring such individuals here? Before numerous witnesses, Donald allegedly said Mark, “No one wants to see that, the wounded. After the performance, he walked over to Luis and said this, according to The Atlantic.

Luis, who had successfully completed five military deployments, was chosen by Mark to perform. Due to his wounds, he experienced two heart attacks, two strokes, and brain damage.

According to reports, as Mark’s wife Hollyanne and the vice president at the time, Mike Pence, raced to help, Luis’ wheelchair almost overturned. Later, Donald was spotted addressing Luis. Then he ordered Mark to never again allow Luis to appear in public. Mark viewed Luis and his wife Claudia as representations of the courage and selflessness of Americans.

Luis had lost 242 of the soldiers he was in charge of in battle in the Middle East. He was allegedly extremely disturbed by Donald’s remarks. Mark recently asked Luis to sing at his retirement celebration.

More hazardous than anyone could have possibly imagined.
Donald has previously criticized US military personnel. He is claimed to have called the fallen soldiers at the American Cemetery in Aisne-Marne, France, “losers” and “suckers.” But Donald insisted that he never said those things.

Over the years, a number of military leaders have criticized Donald, notably retired Marine general John Kelly. John criticized Donald as the “most flawed person” he has ever met while working as his chief of staff in 2017 and 2018.

The former President’s first secretary of defense and a retired Marine commander named James Mattis once remarked that Donald was “more dangerous than anyone could ever imagine.”

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