India is not Russia, and it is not China: US NSA Jake Sullivan

India is not Russia, and it is not China: US NSA Jake Sullivan

In answer to a query about why the US is giving Beijing and Delhi a “free pass” on Russian aggression, Sullivan said that India is not Russia and is distinct from China.

Washington is in contact with Delhi over Canada’s charges regarding the assassination of Khalistani separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar, and there can be no “special exemption” for acts like “these” because the US would defend its core values, according to US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Thursday.

In answer to a query about why the US is giving Beijing and Delhi a “free pass” on Russian aggression and, in India’s case, other bilateral concerns, Sullivan stated that India is not Russia and is distinct from China, which faces a different set of difficulties.

Sullivan told a White House news conference that the US was profoundly concerned about Canada’s charges, backed its investigation, and wanted criminals brought to justice.

When asked whether President Joe Biden planned to talk with Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the matter, and if it may lead to a “wedge” between India and the US, Sullivan said he wouldn’t enter into private diplomatic discussions, but that “this issue had been discussed at the highest levels.”

This is a source of worry for us. It is something that we take very seriously. It is something we will continue to focus on regardless of the nation. There is no unique exception for conduct such as these. We shall stand up and protect our fundamental ideals regardless of the nation. Sullivan said, “We will also consult closely with allies like Canada as they pursue their law enforcement and diplomatic processes.”

In a different context, when asked why the US was giving India a pass despite its position on Russian aggression, the fact that it had made “a deal with 18 countries not to use dollars” for trade, was on a “watchlist for intellectual property theft,” and was a member of Brics, Sullivan said, “Where we have concerns with India, whether they are related to the very watchlist that you are describing or otherwise, we make those concerns clear.” And, like with every other nation, we protect US interests.”

“Now, India is not Russia, and China has its own set of challenges that we deal with in its own context,” Sullivan continued. Naturally, there will be disparities in how we deal with nations one by one. But the administration’s guiding principle is: if you pose a danger to the American people’s security, economy, or fundamental sense of justice, we will take action to protect it. I believe our track record on this, across various nations, including those you named, has been fairly obvious over the previous two and a half years.”

Earlier in the briefing, Sullivan stated that the US was deeply concerned about Canada’s allegations of possible links between Indian government agents and a killing in Canada, that the US fully supports the investigation, that the perpetrators should be brought to justice, and that the US was in contact with both governments.

“As soon as we heard from the Canadian PM publicly about the allegations, we went out publicly and expressed our deep concern about them, our support for law enforcement progress to get to the bottom of what exactly happened and ensure perpetrators are held accountable,” Sullivan, Biden’s closest foreign policy aide and one of the architects of the renewed momentum in the India-US strategic partnership, said.

While refusing to discuss the content of secret diplomatic discussions, Sullivan said that the US was “constantly in contact with Canadian counterparts, consulting with them closely” and backed Canada’s efforts in this probe. “We’ve also spoken with the Indian government.”

Sullivan said that he has observed attempts in the media to promote a wedge between the United States and Canada. “I categorically deny that there is a schism between the United States and Canada.” We are very concerned by the claims, and we would want to see the inquiry continue and the culprits held accountable. That is what the United States has stood for since the news broke, and it will continue to do so until the situation is resolved.

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