Paul Richard Soliz, Britney Spears’ former cleaner with a criminal background, may be dating her at the moment.

Paul Richard Soliz, Britney Spears’ former cleaner with a criminal background, may be dating her at the moment

According to reports, Paul Richard Soliz was employed by Britney Spears to work for her around a year ago. “Clean toilets, mop floors, and pick up trash” were his assigned duties.

In the midst of her divorce from Sam Asghari, Britney Spears has been seeing her former maid, who has a criminal record, a source has verified to Page Six. A second source, however, said that Britney, 41, never cheated on Sam, 29, putting to rest rumors to the contrary. A third source claims that Britney and the former cleaner are “not dating.” According to the insider, the two stopped hanging together when she “came back from Mexico.”

On April 12, 2018, Britney Spears attends the 29th annual GLAAD Media Awards in Beverly Hills, California.
According to a source who spoke to the Daily Mail, Britney started seeing Paul Richard Soliz, 37, just after her breakup with Sam. The source continued by saying that Paul and Britney were merely involved in a “short fling” and have since broken off communication. Paul and Britney were seen on many dates in August.

Paul was recruited to work with Britney around a year ago, according to a source who previously spoke with Page Six. He was reportedly recruited without running a background check and was tasked with “cleaning toilets, mopping floors, and picking up trash.”

The criminal history of Paul Richard Soliz

Paul apparently faced many misdemeanor and felony charges in the past. It has been made known that he was found guilty of disturbing the peace on one count back in 2014. According to court documents, he was also accused of endangering children, but the allegation was dropped after a plea deal.
2016 saw Paul’s driving without a license conviction. Following a plea agreement, another charge of operating a vehicle while suspended was dropped. Paul was only recently found guilty of felony handgun possession in December of the previous year, when he was already employed by Britney.

Paul has an upcoming court date for allegedly breaking his probation.Outside the courtroom, he told Us Weekly that Britney is a “phenomenal woman.” “She’s a very, very good, positive person,” he said. Regarding their connection, he said nothing.

Sam is apparently “focused on moving on” after announcing his divorce from Britney Spears, it has been stated. According to the BBC, a recent divorce suit highlighted “irreconcilable differences” between Sam, 29, and Britney, 41. They exchanged vows in June 2022 after being engaged in September 2021.


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