Gujarat is one of the first states to focus on environmental conservation, according to PM Modi

The goal of PM Modi’s “Mission LiFE” campaign, which stands for “Lifestyle for the Environment,” is for everyone on Earth 

“Mission LIFE inspires us to make daily contributions to the preservation of the environment. 

It holds that protection may be achieved by altering one’s lifestyle, according to PM Modi. 

According to the prime minister, governments and international organisations alone are responsible for reducing the effects of climate change 

Today, we observe that the gravity of this (climate change) issue has emerged from talks and spread to every region of the world. 

they are made to understand that protecting the environment is everyone’s job as a community, not just the government, Modi stated. 

the government’s drive to get people to utilise LED bulbs resulted in over 160 crore bulbs being used in a short period of time.  

“In this way, we were able to lower the emission of almost 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, and it happens every year,” he said.