How to avoid common health issues during the festive season

The majority of health issues that are observed throughout the festive season, particularly in the months of October, November, and December

lifestyle-related and can result in serious cardiac or digestive disorders. Here’s how to stay clear of them. 

Festivities in India are all about indulging in particular delights and joy, and with Covid-19 numbers declining, people are making sure they make up for all the missed time by celebrating freely this holiday season.  

We recently wrapped up the Navaratri celebrations, during which many of us overindulged in fried foods, sweets, and possibly excessive drinking. 

In a week, Diwali will be here, and we’ll be engaging in all of the aforementioned activities once more. Acidity, bloating, headaches, and even heart attacks 

“The most frequently noticed illnesses during festive seasons, especially in the months of October, November, and December are related to lifestyle,”  

There are numerous issues with overeating. Bloating, acidity, food poisoning, and other related illnesses can affect patients. 

Additionally, excessive alcohol consumption during the festivities can result in acidity and alcohol-related gastritis.