Comedian Joe Lycett answered to the police over stand-up joke

The one who turned into a web sensation for mocking the Sue Gray report has been examined by the police for a punchline including… a donkey

A British comedian with an exceptional line in self-deprecation who becomes famous online for the right reasons

i.e. holding the government to account with clever bits of satire, such as his spoof Sue Gray report.

an audience member who reported him to the police for a joke he told in one of his shows.

“So someone came to my tour show a few weeks back and was offended by one of the jokes.

And their perfectly understandable response to this was… to call the fucking police,” he wrote.

To be reasonable for them the fluff were extremely decent about everything except felt they had an obligation to explore.

This involved me writing a statement explaining the context of the joke for them

He added that he wouldn’t be taking the joke out and that “The tour continues until September, unless I am jailed.”

“Enquiries were made and no offences were detected", a presumably tired police officer said.