The Crown is currently a fictional dramatisation based on true events: Adding a disclaimer, Netflix responds to criticism

Streaming giant Netflix has now added a disclaimer, a day after veteran actor Judi Dench criticised smash series  

The Crown for being “cruelly unjust” to the British royal family. 

This fictional dramatisation chronicles the tale of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and emotional events that defined her reign, 

and it is now available on Netflix in its four currently available seasons. 

The decision was made in response to a recent episode in which the then-Prince Charles was seen attempting to depose his mother as king. 

Demands for Netflix to include a disclaimer had been met with constant resistance. 

On November 9, the fifth season, which focuses on the 1990s, is scheduled for release. 

In one episode, the heir to the throne Charles attempts to enlist John Major, who was the prime minister at the time, in a plot against his mother. 

John has now blasted it as “destructive and vicious” fiction, according to the news agency AFP.