What Is a Christmas Tree option and its working

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A Christmas tree spread with calls is a high level options system that comprises of three legs and six all out options. The option methodology includes getting one call at strike value A, skipping strike value B, selling three calls at strike value C, and afterward purchasing two calls at strike cost D. It is to some degree like a butterfly spread, where the ideal result is a pin at the short center strikes, yet given a more space to run on the potential gain, in this manner a more bullish option technique. In this we will discuss about What Is a Christmas Tree option and its working in detail.

What Is a Christmas Tree option Technique?

A Christmas tree is a options exchanging spread technique accomplished by trading six call (or six put) choices with various strikes yet a similar termination dates for an unbiased to bullish conjecture. This is named a long call Christmas tree while utilizing calls or a put Christmas tree while utilizing put choices.

The technique is accessible long (bullish) or short (negative).This spread is basically the mix of a long upward spread and two short vertical spreads.

How Christmas Trees Work

The Christmas tree name comes from the procedure’s extremely free similarity to a tree when seen on a choices chain show. The association is dubious, best case scenario.

Christmas trees are like butterfly spreads in that they utilize numerous upward spreads to confine an ideal expected return. The thing that matters is that one of the strike costs is skipped, which presents a directional inclination.

For example, in the event that a condor spread included the 50-55-60-65 strikes, the comparing Christmas tree would include only the 50-55-65 strikes (skirting the 60 strike).

The customary, or long Christmas tree with calls (once in a while alluded to just as a “call tree”), includes getting one call choice with an at-the-cash strike, skirting the following strike, and afterward selling three choices with the accompanying strike. At long last, purchase two additional calls with the following higher strike. The 1-3-2 construction evidently shows up as a tree.

The methodology benefits from a little expansion in the cost of the basic resource and maxes when the fundamental closes at the center choice strike cost at choices lapse.

  • Most extreme benefit approaches center strike short lower strike less the premium.
  • Most extreme deficit is the net charge paid for the system.
  • Breakeven happens at the most minimal strike in addition to the superior paid or the most noteworthy strike less a portion of the premium.

Time rot is on the holder’s side as the holder needs all choices with the exception of the most minimal to lapse useless.


The higher a dealer sets the strike costs, the more bullish a Christmas Tree spread becomes, while simultaneously, diminishing the expense of the exchange. In any case, the higher the strike costs are set, the lower the likelihood of progress.

This sort of spread is delicate to changes in suggested unpredictability. The net cost of the spread drops when inferred unpredictability rises and the cost increments when suggested instability falls, meaning it has a reverse relationship to inferred instability changes. The dealer who executes this exchange needs a drop to inferred instability.

This isn’t a technique for a beginners, just experienced dealers ought to execute a Christmas tree spread options procedure.


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